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  • I have sent you an email enquiry and haven't recieved a response?
    Don’t panic! Due to your mail settings, it is likely that your message got delivered to our spam/junk mail. We will send you a reply as soon as we come across your email.
  • Why have I not recieved my order?
    Due to Covid-19, there are uncertainties and high number of order, therefore, slow shipping due to covid-19.
  • I ordered curly hair and the length was shorter than I expected.
    Please note that all our virgin hair is measured at its original state, straight. Therefore, if you have recieved curly or wavy hair, please note that the hair may be slightly shorter than expected, however, if you stretch out the hair and measure it, you should have the original length. YAY!! Happy Days
  • I didn't feel that my hair was pre-plucked enough?
    Please note that all our custom units come pre-plucked, however, it may not be perfect for you as most of our clients have different hairlines, taken into consideration low hairlines. Kindly ask your stylist complete the finishing look if you are unable to pluck your lace.
  • I have another question that is not on your FAQs
    If you you further questions which have not been addressed in this section or anywhere else on the website, please email your question to
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